About Me

Hey hey,

My name is Sarah, thanks for visiting my lil internet home. You can find a whole bunch of my writing here – from little clippings from newspapers and printed works, to different attempts at genre fiction, to poetry and non-fiction and more free form blogs. There’s everything from the fantastical and creative, to the fact checked and historical, to the loose and unedited pieces that share a little less form but a lot more heart. So many stories, all here for you.

I’m a writer (maybe? sounds like an awful big claim!) currently based in Adelaide. I am mentored by the ineffable Alice Fraser, and just graduated from a Bachelor of Creative Writing, and a Bachelor of Social Work and Social Planning at Flinders University. I am also incredibly lucky to have constant support and guidance from Spoken Word SA.

You can contact me via the contact form or at sarahjeansays@gmail.com – I love hearing from you and am always open to collaborations.

If you’re feeling so inclined, you can also earn my eternal gratitude and donate towards my writing endeavours here – donations go towards enabling me to spend more time writing, and towards materials and training to make me a better writer.

Thankyou so much for supporting me and giving my words an audience.